We offer a wide range of services. This means that you don’t have to rely on different partners for a single assigment. With us you are at the right address for a high-quality, all-in-one service!


Sworn and legalised translation




Multilingual DTP



All possible language combinations

Do you consider professionalism a top priority? Then you should also set the highest standards for translation. We translate from and into all languages. Transkomma always engages specialised native speakers who only translate into their mother tongue.

Sworn and legalised translations

In accordance with the letter of the law

Suppose, as a Spaniard, you come to Belgium and have to submit a translated birth certificate to the town hall. This can only be done by a sworn translator who has taken a professional oath before the court of first instance in his or her judicial district. The sworn translator provides translations with a personal stamp, signature and sworn statement. Subsequently, a stamp from the court is required to confirm the authenticity of the translator’s signature: the legalisation. Thanks to this legalisation, your Belgian document can be used abroad and your foreign document in Belgium.

A sworn and/or legalised translation is often required for official legal documents such as birth and marriage certificates, passports, diplomas, statutes and financial statements. We provide you with a full-service solution in that area.



Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

Our translators deliver the translations with great care. The project manager involved will then read them again, but even then, maybe you’d like a second opinion? If so, we then approach a second translator who carries out an additional check. There is an additional cost for this. This second translator checks the target text for spelling, grammar and substantive coherence. An independent revision of an existing translation is also possible. In this case, a reviewer/proofreader carefully compares the source and target text and adjusts the target text as necessary. A question of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s!


Score with your target group

Refining an existing text? Do you want to turn your commercial story into a really attractive one? Create an infomercial from A to Z? Write a brochure or take care of the complete copywriting of a website? If that’s the case, we look for a specialised copywriter, who ensures you score with your target group!



We speak your language


Everything stands or falls with good, comprehensible communication. Your message may still be strong, but if people don’t or hardly understand the language, it just won’t get through.

Transkomma offers various interpreting services, from simultaneous or whispered interpreting (meetings where people translate orally at the same time) to consecutive interpreting (smaller meetings where speaker and interpreter alternate) and tele-interpreting (via Teams, Skype, telephone, etc.). Here too we involve the most suitable interpreter for your situation and field.

You don’t have the necessary equipment? No problem. We provide the necessary interpreting equipment (booths, headsets, etc.) through a rental system.

Multilingual DTP

Form and content attuned

Ensuring your document is without errors and getting to the printer in an attractive design? Check!

If desired, a graphic designer with thorough knowledge of the language in question can provide the digital layout of the document and for all languages. Not quite sure yet about your document? Then choose for our additional option: a final proof correction by one of our correctors.


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