Below is an overview of the main fields in which we operate:


Transkomma’s calling card. Thanks to our many years of experience in the construction and industrial sector, you’ve come to the right place for technical translations or copywriting. Water technologies, security systems, 3D printing techniques, engineering, HVAC, manuals, specifications, product specs or brochures, etc. We’re like a fish in water in this domain!

Legal / Administrative

We have no difficulty whatsoever in finding our way through the mazes of legal or administrative bureaucracy: from privacy statements to patents, general terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreements, sales agreements, employment contracts and the like.


Transkomma ensures that the content and precision of your message is not lost in translation. Brochures, catalogues, advertisements, website copywriting, magazines, mailings, advertisements; whatever the commercial flair, it’s maintained.


Your clinical studies, medication inserts, medical articles, patient files, research reports, etc. Do these need to be translated? We’re happy to help you.


Annual reports, financial statements, financial reports, insurance policies, etc. Need them translated? You can count on us!


We also have the requisite contacts within the ICT sector for translating software packages, apps, manuals and such like in detail.


Human capital is a vital key in business. We ensure accurate translations of car policies, employment contracts, vacancies, codes of conduct, newsletters, employee handbooks and so on.


Transkomma has significant experience when it comes to translating papers, theses, books, scientific articles and the like.

Life sciences

Are you active in the fast-growing sector of innovative products and technologies? Transkomma is able to find the right experts for your specialisation!

Active in another domain?
We're at home in all markets!